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To compete, you must innovate and transform or be left behind.


Your digital transformation
starts here.

innovate with confidence


Regulatory compliance, stakeholder engagement and risks/barriers analysis. More>>


Digital Business Consulting

Digital transformation is the evolution of business. Whether you're solving a single business problem or integrating digital technologies to transform how your business works, K6 Partners can help you achieve maximum, measurable results. 


Risk mitigation, digitization planning and execution, vendor selection and legal review. More>>


Training, change management and certifications, adherence to best practices. More>>

Advanced Tech Legal Services

Legal services
Digital Transformation, Global E-Signature Law

K6 Partners offers customized, focused consulting and legal services to help businesses of all sizes adapt to the technological advancements that are changing the competitive landscape. With a global network of experts in electronic signature, digital identity, blockchain, 3D printing, smart contracts, and digital transaction management, K6 is your trusted partner in navigating the hidden threats and unparalleled opportunities of digital disruption.

With innovation comes risk.

Trust K6 to recognize risks you will encounter as you explore the options for taking your business further into the digital realm.  Most importantly, K6 Partners will guide you through risk mitigation steps designed to keep you on schedule.

With innovation comes regulatory response.

Turn to K6 to help you stay in front of regulatory concerns, especially when regulations have fallen behind technological advances.  K6 Partners can even help craft your publc affairs strategy and provide support for your lobbying efforts. 

With innovation comes reward.

Rely on K6 to train and prepare your business for the road ahead. Educating your team in compliance, change management and best practices will ensure that you maximize the benefits of digital transformation.


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Digital Transformation: What is it? 

Digital transformation is the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises.


In a three-year study, only one-third of companies globally have an effective

digital transformation program in place. 


K6 Partners provides end-to-end software integration management, including process and vendor assessment,digitization planning and project management, compliance and regulatory adherence, risk management, training and best practices.


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