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To achieve innovation, legal, compliance and policy issues must be met head-on.







K6 Legal,
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Legal, Compliance & Policy Services

Legal Intro

As you embark on your digital journey, you will find that your innovation may have outpaced current regulations and laws. Understanding the opportunities and challenges related to state and federal legislation and regulation is important in order for a business to succeed. These opportunities and challenges need to be addressed at the beginning of any digital transformation initiative so that the ideas are not halted, but are allowed to mature and become reality.  

Practicality requires that you not look at innovation in a vacuum. You must treat all your innovation decisions as part of your long term digital strategy.


K6 Partners brings together the expertise and resources to help clients create order from disorder, calm from chaos. K6 has successfully led ground-breaking strategies to ensure companies have the public policies in place to support their innovations in business. 


Understanding & Mitigating Risk  

K6 Partners helps mitigate the risk and address potential concerns BEFORE they occur. K6 can provide:


  • A comprehensive plan to mitigate risk, addressing legal, compliance and policy issues before they become costly roadblocks.

  • Assess whether existing regulatory requirements and contractual arrangements with existing suppliers and partners act as hurdles to innovation.

  • Greater understanding of the relevant framework and policies on interoperability, data protection, security and IPR, leading to more regulatory certainty for your business.

  • Oversight to ensure regulatory compliance in your specific industry (e.g.; banking, insurance, healthcare, air transportation) as each sector has different requirements and obstacles to ensure compliance.

  • Clarification for legal ambiguities pertaining to big data; the rights and duties that arise in relation to data are potentially onerous and rapidly changing.

  • Legal analysis of all traditional software copyright issues and the relationships between copyright and database right in relation to database software and accessing and extracting the data held in that software.

  • Insight into intellectual property rights, copyright, infringement claims, ISO Standards, cloud services, AI and more.

  • A complete review of the legal, regulatory and policy barriers to your digital transformation.


E-Signatures & E-Commerce

K6 Partners offer legal services to ensure your e-signature and e-commerce transactions adhere to regulatory requirements and common law standards. K6 understands the nuances affecting the validity, enforceability and admissibility  of electronic records under US Law and the various issues that may arise involving consumer transactions, international considerations, record-keeping, evidentiary considerations and best practices.


With more than a decade of "e-expertise," K6 will help ensure every transaction, every contract  in the cloud is compliant and legally binding.

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