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K6 delivers proven processes to help businesses achieve maximum success.


Our Process


Our Framework


Services Continuum

K6 Partners  Process: What We Do 


K6 Partners provides end-to-end software integration management, including process and vendor assessment,digitization planning and project management, compliance and regulatory adherence, risk management, training and best practices.


K6 Partners helps clients by developing a framework to guide organizations through their digital transformation. Whether you're trying to solve a single business problem or are integrating digital technologies to transform how your business works, K6 Partners help you achieve maximum, measurable results from your digital transformation initiative.


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K6 Partners Framework  

K6 Partners offers end-to-end consulting to help you achieve maximum success with your digital transformation. From strategy and legal services to development and integration, K6 has you covered.


Professional Services


Technology Assessment

RFP & RFI Guidance


Vendor Evaluation


Digital Transformation Strategy


Change Management


Business Consulting Services


Education & Training

Managerial Training: Business Model Design and Value Proposition Development, change management, key strategies for success


Legal Training: SPeRS standards (legal & compliance), electronic signatures & records, authentication & online identity


Legal Services without the Law Firm

Privacy, GDPR

Data security

Compliance audit







Public Policy & Advocacy

K6 Partners Services Continuum  

  • Strength of digital initiatives within your company

  • Global legal & regulatory compliance

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Barriers & risks


  • Risk mitigation

  • Project planning & management

  • RFP assistance

  • Vendor selection guidance

  • Legal review



  • Training

  • Change management

  • Certifications

  • Best practices


Digital Transformation, Global E-Signature Law, K6 Partners



You have come to the realization that your organization needs to change, to no longer accept the status quo. You must change to compete, better serve the customer and increase profitability.


Where do you start?


K6 Partners can help. K6 knows that the transformation isn't the applications, the platforms or the devices. Transformation is about connecting, interacting and communicating to achieve specific business objectives.


K6 Partners can help your business with:


  • A 360 degree view of your organization and span the divide between digital transformation strategy and tactical execution.

  • Assess the strength of digital initiatives already in place,  recognize gaps and propose solutions.

  • Identify specific business outcomes and map the architectural framework necessary to achieve success.

  • Discover global and regulatory compliance issues and ensure alignment.

  • Determine organization and stakeholder readiness, ensuring the right people are in place to achieve success.

  • Evaluate barriers and risks, provide alternative scenarios for optimal outcomes.

  • Identify hot spots within the organization that will maximize opportunities for success.

K6 Partners offers the resources to build agile teams to deliver services tailored to the needs of our clients.


Often organizations lack the expertise to move digital transformation strategy to execution. K6 Partners partners with your team to fill these gaps and to provide end-to-end management to achieve business objectives. We execute within the context of your vision and objectives.


Your success is our success.


K6 Partners can help your business with:


  • Creating your digital transformation framework and plan.

  • Delivering transparent communciations to ensure all stakeholders are infomred and prepared.

  • Drafting and/or editing request for proposal (RFP).

  • Evaluating proposals and vendors to ensure competencies, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and gauging overall performance.

  • Managing the digital transformation initiative from inception to acceptanc, discovering bottlenecks and bridging gaps between silos.

  • Identifying priority areas and revisiting processes and infrastructure to ensure agility and responsiveness.



Simply changing for the sake of changing is not good enough. Digital transformation requires clear goals and a way to measure success. It means adopting new practices and tools, but it doesn't mean that legacy processes are no longer relevant. Bridging new technology and processes requires a cultural shift and new methods to measure success. 


A clear yardstick to measure performance is needed.


K6 Partners can:


  • Help your organization develop new business models and uncover new value propositions.

  • Develop KPIs to evaluate and truly measure success.

  • Help leverage social tools and platforms to engage, communicate and ignite change within the organizations culture, creating lateral connections and communities.

  •  Train personnel to manage, consume and digest real-time data to provide insights that lead to better decision-making.

  • Assist in certifications and governance to encourage and support innovation while effectively managing risk.

  • Document standards, approaches, policies, evaluations and approval processes.

  • Monitor and manage disruptive technologies, and reassessment to ensure all objectives were met for the long-term.

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