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Empowering executives with the knowledge to transform their business


For Entrepreneurs

For Transformation Leaders

For Lawyers

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Training & Education


K6 offers a wide range of training and customized courses to help your organization better manage change.

For entrepreneurs

The popular K6 Business model design and value proposition development courses give you the essential tools for building your business and identifying your critical path to success. A crystal clear, well-developed business model will boost the confidence of your customers and investors and help ensure an optimal product mix and a maximum valuation.

For Transformation Leaders

Best Practices based on industry standards -

  • K6 Academy is the #1 provider of training and support services for Standards and Procedures for Electronic Records and Signatures (SPeRS), the most comprehensive guidance for any enterprise moving from paper to digital transactions. Learn the legal principles and precedents to help you navigate the statutory, regulatory and practical elements of e-signature regimes in the US and internationally.

  • The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) Straight-Through Processing (STP) standards are accepted across the annuity industry and recognized by insurance commissioners in all 50 states. K6 Academy can prepare your organization to meet IRI-STP and to synchronize adoption between carriers, producers and clients. 

  • Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) Standards compliance is a necessity for the universal negotiability of an electronic promissory note. K6 Academy instructors have intimate knowledge of the MISMO standards, enabling technical, legal and operations executives to adopt digital mortgage principles with confidence.

For Lawyers

K6 Academy offers accredited MCLE courses in Digital Transformation, Electronic Signatures, International e-Contracting law, and European data protection and privacy regulation. These courses are tailored to your firm or in-house team and are privately provided via live webcast, recorded video, or in-person instruction.

For HR and Operations

End User Training & Train-the-Trainer courses or custom solutions. K6 can create a custom training to assist your organization through any portion of the transformation process.


For entrepreneurs
For Transformation Leaders
For Lawyers
For HR & OPS

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