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a case for handwriting capture in SaaS eSignature deployments



Electronic signatures are a method of electronically signing a document. In almost every country around the world, electronic signatures are legally binding in most business and personal transactions. E-Signatures are used in offer letters, sales contracts, rental or lease agreements, liability waivers, financial documents and just about any other legal instrument you can think of. But there are documents that are required to be in paper form so organizations must ensure these instruments are in a valid form.


With more than 10 years expertise in eSignature technology, K6 Partners brings clarity and compliance to contracting in a paperless world. K6 Partners offers expertise in digital transaction technology—the intersection of digital and paper. K6 Partners can help create streamlined operations and an enhanced ROI while avoiding the risks and pitfalls of using noncompliant technology.

K6 Partners can guide your organization through the process of selection, application and integration as not all eSignature technology is the same. K6 can align your needs with the right technology, while ensuring every electronic signature on every electronic document is valid and legal.


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