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K6 Legal Chief Ken Moyle to Host

SEATTLE, October 5, 2017– Ken Moyle of K6 Legal PLLC will host a live session on the legal principles and precedents businesses need to navigate the statutory, regulatory and practical elements of international e-signature deployments. The 90-minute webinar will take place on Wednesday, October 11 at 11:30 AM Pacific.  

“After decades of empty promises about going paperless, businesses are finally crossing the threshold of what is now called digital transformation," Moyle said. “Paper-and-ink-based processes are not just being automated; they are being uprooted and redesigned by a new generation of executives who embrace technology as a necessary survival tool.”

This webinar is designed to provide an understanding of the law and technology relating to electronic signatures. Starting with the laws governing electronic signatures and records in the United States, and then broadening out to the pertinent legal regimes outside the United States, the material will provide perspective on the extent to which the use of electronic signatures poses legal risks, and will offer guidance on how to minimize those risks. Finally, participants will learn about new technological developments and the steps you and your clients may want to take going forward to maximize technological innovation and ensure legal compliance.


  • Get a thorough overview of the global legal landscape for digital transactions

  • Learn the key sources of law that influence 85% of worldwide e-signature statutes

  • Reconcile contradictions between state, federal, and international laws and regulations

  • Recognize the common mistakes to avoid when implementing an E-signature solution

  • Learn techniques for dealing with local counsel about E-signatures

  • Understand the key elements of a digital policy, and why you might need one


Areas Covered

  • E-Signature legal frameworks: US and beyond

  • Global E-signature implementation

  • Compliance issues

  • Risk profiles

  • Elements of a digital policy

  • Digital transformation and change management


Who will Benefit

  • Lawyers (law firms and inside counsel)

  • CxO

  • Operations executives

  • Compliance officers

  • Global HR executives


Registration for the webinar is available at

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