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How Digital Pen Technologies Can Expand the Market for eSignature Solutions

K6 Partners released a White Paper for the electronic signature industry on the rise of digital pen technology within SaaS eSignature deployments

BELLEVUE, WA (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 06, 2017 -- K6 Partners has published a new White Paper for the eSignature industry titled: “Cursive in the Cloud: The Case for Handwriting Capture in SaaS eSignature Deployments”, examining the need for a complete eSignature solution combining traditional click to sign SaaS software with advanced in-person signing technology.

The eSignature industry has traditionally focused on offering rapid deployment and high ROI, by focusing exclusively on remote transactions and cloud-only delivery. This high-growth model has allowed SaaS providers to dominate low value, high volume transactions while leaving entire market segments unable to access the benefits of digitization and electronic signatures.

K6 Partners sought to understand why traditional electronic signatures have failed thrive in key markets like home mortgages, healthcare, retail banking and insurance. Many of these industries were instrumental in the development of the legal framework governing electronic signatures yet have remained unable to reap the benefits of this technology. This failure can be attributed to crucial compliance and attribution gaps in cloud-based technology. To remedy this, the White Paper explores how to advent of digital pen technology could finally allow SaaS providers to penetrate these key markets.

The White Paper provides an in-depth analysis of the legal framework and perceived legitimacy of handwritten electronic signatures, as well as examining the recent explosion of advanced digital pen technology and dynamic signature verification tools.

“SaaS eSignature providers have gobbled up the vast majority of the low-hanging fruit in the industry. But the low-friction, cloud based model has not been able to extend the benefits of digitization to higher tier transactions because of well-known usability and compliance gaps,” says author, Ken Moyle, President of K6 Partners LLC.

“The next phase of market growth is going to require eSignature providers to move beyond their current focus on remote transactions and embrace more complex, high value and in-person transactions where identity, intent and attribution are crucial. The introduction of digital pen technologies, alongside cloud signing, presents a unique market opportunity for eSignature providers.”

To download a complimentary copy of the white paper visit:

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